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Greetings!My name is Volodymyr Poddubny. We developing organizations and people since 2004.
Our company MetaVision Consulting™ became one of the first companies in Ukraine to specialize in training, personnel assessment, DISC assessment and consulting which have been certified in ISO 9001:2015 management quality standards procedure

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Our key areas of expertise


Organizational Design

Team and personal coaching

Description of business processes


External HR team

Training programs

Executive search and headhunting

Personnel Assessment

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What tools and techniques do we use?

Audit, standardization, preparation for automation and implementation of business processes, including HR outsourcing, according to the "Common Classifier of Processes for Different Industries - Process Classification Framework (PCF)®"

Organization of the sales process, training of specialists according to the S.O.L.D.™ methodology SalesFocusInc (USA)

DISC Staff Assessment Using TTI Success Insights® Methodology

Organizational coaching and consulting

Project management according to ISO 9001 & Agile standards

"MetaVision Consulting™


Volodymyr Poddubny

Owner of MetaVision Consulting™

● Founder and owner of MetaVision Consulting™ since 2006.● Human Resources Director since 2008 (international and local companies in Eastern Europe, Asia and Middle East markets)● Rated among TOP 100 best HR Directors of Ukraine (according to 2019)● MBA by Kyiv Business School● Certified Organizational Coach, Agile Coach, ToP facilitator and business trainer● ISO 9001:2015 Office Officer (CPO), Process and Project Management Certified Manager● Certified Professional Behaviors Analyst (CPBA) in DISC methodology● Member of SHRM (Society of Human Resource Managers, USA)"

Our areas of expertise

MetaVision Consulting is developing them since 2006

"Facilitation is the professional arrangement of a process and space for creating a common understanding or decision-making by a group. At the same time, it is important that each of the participants of the facilitation takes part in the communication and is ready to take responsibility for the implementation.

What tasks does it solve?
● Create a common understanding. When all participants equally understand where we are going, what is the goal, what are the terms, resources, why are we doing it and what are the rules of the game. For example, creating a vision for the development of a company or project, a startup, implementing changes, etc.
● Resolving or preventing conflicts.
● Strategy sessions, including creating the company's mission and values.
● Making important, non-obvious decisions.
● Planning and coordinating the actions of departments, teams or project groups.
● Creative sessions.
● Project retrospectives."

● Analysis and change of the organizational structure, staff list, evaluation of the effectiveness of key processes
● We always include the customer in the implementation of their project , which guarantees a high level of implementation and independent support of changes in key business processes after time
● MetaVision Consulting always provides support for the created changes

● Team coaching focuses simultaneously on the dynamics of team development and business results. It combines the development of successful team interaction strategies, work on real-life tasks and implementation of relevant solutions using fresh methodology.
● The benefits of using team coaching are twofold. First, coaching accelerates the process of team and individual learning of new processes and methodologies. Then it gives an opportunity to solve an ordinary work task and cope with a difficult situation more effectively.
● Typically, team coaching works with an already formed team or a group that is developing within the team and accompanies the team in the process of working together. With an external coach, team members can collaborate for a long time, working on a specific task or project. This approach fits well with the teaching methodology. Coaching offered by MetaVision Consulting focuses on both team and individual levels

Description of projects via a business processes

Project products
● Described processes according to the approved register
● Graphical representation of each process on operational level
● Instructions/Terms of Reference for automation
● Process map with responsibility matrix of process owners and other business roles
● Coordinated key performance indicators for each process

Results of the project
● All process owners are trained in process management methods
● Responsible employees of the client are trained based on the methodology of describing processes in accordance with quality standards
● A process management model of the enterprise was created based on the example of one department
● Developed and mutually agreed KPIs for each function
● The created model is adapted and implemented

We provide professional HR knowledge and experience in solving tasks for people in your organizationWe work in the "management landing" format and manage processes in your company only for as long as it takes for your specialists to learn and take over management.HR cycle management:● Selection and adaptation● Learning and development● Motivation and retention● Assessment● PR and employer brand● Description and implementation of business processes

● MetaVision training activities are focused on maximum integration of learned skills and models into a real work context
● MetaVision trainings are unique. Each is developed based on the real training needs of the organization
● Coaches transfer the competence they possess and conduct trainings based on technologies that allow you to actually embed skills and unlock the potential of participants
● MetaVision trainings are most often one of the activities in a complex development program, which can include assessment, management coaching, team coaching and consulting, which gives a systemic developmental effect

Main topics

● Personnel management: basic manager skills
● Manager's workshop (advanced course)
● Leadership in management
● Management in coaching style
● Management based on values
● Basics of HR for the manager
● HR4HR – a professional course for specialists
● Strategy Session: From Mission to Competencies

Commercial communication
● Skills of the seller (basic course)
● Telephone sales
● Retail sales
● High quality service
● Commercial negotiations (basic course)
● Master of negotiations (advanced course)

Interaction with others
● We are a team!
● Manipulation. Resistance and influence
● Skill of an orator (in collaboration with Volodymyr Levytskyi)
● Managing conflict
● Metaprograms for business practitioners (in collaboration with Kateryna Hayduchenko)
● Project management
● Creation of business processes
● Effective communication and interaction

● Time management
● Stress management
● Emotional intelligence
● Critical thinking

● We search, select and hire top-class experts around the world.
● MetaVision Consulting specialists have many years of experience in the field of exclusive search.
● We work exclusively with C-level professionals, ensure client quality and candidate confidentiality.

Assessment Center
● Complex method that provides the most objective result and consists of several separate tools, such as: assessment using a structured interview, case methods, methods of business games and diagnostic training, and assessment by competencies.
● The latter is also a separate method
Competency assessment
● We use or help create a model of corporate competencies, which mostly include the following groups of competencies: values, professional, managerial, personal, team
● Competencies are created through a path that starts with the company's mission, vision and values and ends with behavioral metrics that are easy to measure and compare

The DISC assessment method is one of the most popular in the world due to three distinctive features: the depth of the assessment, the accuracy of the results and the simplicity of the form. 75% of the world's leading Fortune 500 companies use DISC to evaluate their personnel and candidates.DISC gives accurate descriptions of a person according to 4 factors:● D - Dominance - Dominance - how we react to problems and difficulties● I - Influence - how we react to people and interact with them● S - Steadiness - how we react to pace and stability● C - Compliance - how we respond to rules and restrictions
More than 80% of Fortune 500 companies use this technique in practice.

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